Having spent 14 years in the corporate life as an engineer, Mr. Crazy Kicks has given it all up to embark on a spiritual journey. By saving enough investments to stay afloat without any real job, he now has time to spread deranged ideas about financial independence on the internet. The nonsense on this website focuses on travel, personal finance, travel hacking, cheap hobbies, and suburban homesteading.

Mr Crazy Kicks hopes to inspire more people to join him in financial independence. If you are new to the site, these are a few of our most popular posts:

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A warning, as evidenced by the leakage of inventory from the fridge, he is clearly living with beer gnomes. They have been known to take control of his computer and write fluff that can poison a corporate mind. Reading Mr. Crazy Kicks may cause you to over-inflate your 401k, sell your fancy car, and start wearing funny looking sneakers to work. In some cases, this may be followed by loss of job. Proceed with caution, this crap is for entertainment purposes only.