Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

“Hey, were you at the concerts in ’76?” asked the welder as I approached.”Nope,” I responded. “Man, that was the best, they were just giving you drugs, now you have to buy ’em.”

I was not yet born in ’76 but I’m not sure this guy knew his age either. He was a rough, scraggly looking bastard missing a few faculties. I entertained him though – I was there to do business. I had called this guy earlier in response to a classifieds ad for a $350 running moped.


1976 Demm Smily

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How to Retire Early – It’s About the FI Lifestyle

The key to achieving financial independence is all about lifestyle. People get the impression that in order to live cheaply, you have to be a hermit and suffer through budget cuts. They go on a financial diet in hopes that one day they will be financially free and the sheer bliss will outweigh all the years of suffering. But just like a diet, depriving yourself will only be tolerable for a small period of time before you relapse.

The journey to financial independence is a long one, and life is short. I would not recommend anyone make themselves miserable for decades of their best years with the hope things will be better one day. Having a FI lifestyle doesn’t mean depriving yourself, it just means leading a more exciting and fulfilling life that is not dependent on spending large sums of cash. Instead of living in a cardboard box eating cheap ramen to save money, one should pursue financial independence by honing a lifestyle that is based on living well for less.


Make sure to take in the scenery on your journey to FI

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You Won’t Expect What We Found: Bay of Fundy to Maine

We were thoroughly enjoying our stay on the lower part of Cape Breton Island. I could have stayed longer at our cottage on Bras d’Or Lake, but it was time to explore the Cabot Trail. So we packed up the Prius and hit the road again.


Eastern side of Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail follows the coast around Cape Breton Highlands National Park. We knew we were getting close when we started to see mountains rise up against the Atlantic ocean. It was cold and rainy, but the rocky cliffs against the grey ocean made for epic views.

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It’s the Local Life for Me in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia always sounded alluring – remote, cold, and untouched. It looks close on the map, but at 14 hours away from CT we couldn’t spare our precious vacation time to go explore during our working years. Now with unlimited vacation days, it was time to pack up the Prius and hit the road.

We did minimal planning for this trip, only booking the first stay just across the border in Canada. We had no idea what we were in for and decided it would be best to get into Canada and ask the locals where to go. After randomly looking at towns just across the border, we found an Airbnb in St. Andrews. We knew nothing about the town, but at $44 USD a night, the price was right.

Driving Through Nova Scotia

Driving through Nova Scotia

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Meet Lightning – Our $5,000 Prius

A few years ago, Mrs. Crazy Kicks was kicking ass and taking names as she climbed/ got pushed up the corporate ladder. She received several promotions within close proximity and was making bank. Many of her colleagues were into expensive cars – buying Porches and luxury Jeeps left and right. It seemed like something you needed to look professional at that level – just like you had to have fancy clothes to wear each day. While Mrs. Crazy Kicks did consider getting a new Audi or Tesla, she stayed true to the motto: “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.”

Mrs. Crazy Kicks decided to set a better example for her employees by getting an economical car that would look ridiculous next to the luxury vehicles bordering her assigned parking spot. Her mom wanted a new car, so Crazy Moms got a gently used Volvo, and we started the search for something practical. After considering a few options, we decided to target a Prius since they are fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, and great for road trips. The market wasn’t the greatest at the time – gas prices were still high, and we ended up looking for months.


Ahhh, Lightning takes in the view

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Summer Food Spending

This time of year, we have plenty of vegetables from our garden and eggs from our chickens. While this does make up a good portion of our diet, we still need to buy our meats. Top quality ingredients like farm fresh meats and produce allow us to cook very simply and still have incredibly tasty, healthy food. By using basic ingredients we also save a lot of time and energy preparing our meals. Buying from a farm can be more expensive sometimes, but we respect the ingredients more and in turn, waste much less.


Squash with a side of chicken

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Our Pets Earn Over $30 a Month

“Buk buk buk buk… bukAAAhh!” That’s what we hear first thing in the morning. It’s our chickens singing their egg song after laying. They can get pretty loud sometimes, but as our friend once put it, “imagine shitting a watermelon.” You’d be singing pretty loudly too. We like to hear the egg song anyway, it means someone laid another egg.


We were nowhere near your deck!

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Garden: July – Gotta Eat Em All!

It’s August in Connecticut, and we’ve been working on our garden since May. We were able to start eating out of the garden back in June, but now the harvests are coming in full swing. This means there is one main task at hand – you gotta eat ’em all!


What do we do with dozens of these? Eat em!

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